Rules for CalVirt Stamp Show, 20th Jan to 10th Feb 2021

What: Exhibits of 1 to 15 pages, and 1 to 5 frame (16 standard pages) on any philatelic subject that is appropriate for general viewing. While it is important that exhibits be legible; they can be handwritten, typewritten or produced in any other format provided they can be converted to a .pdf file.

Who: This Show is being organized by the Calgary Philatelic Society but is open to anybody - from Juniors to Seniors, beginners to experts and wherever you live. Virtual Show Chairman is Dave Russum.

When: 20th Jan to 10th Feb 2021.

How: By the 10th January 2021, individuals submit electronic versions of exhibits in .pdf format attached to an email, to Dave Russum [email protected] or our webmaster Dave Bartlet. In the email please provide the following information:
1. Your name and any alias you wish to use in the public domain, please identify if you are a Junior (under 21), or first time exhibitor
2. # of pages submitting.
3. Title of exhibit.
4. Description of exhibit (maximum 100 words).
5. Is this a new exhibit?

Judging: There will not be a formal judging process however all exhibits will be open to a number of People's Choice Awards. In addition you may request feedback on your exhibit from members of the CAPE Group. Results will be announced at the 3rd February 2021 meeting and the exhibits will be available for viewing to at least 10th Feb 2021. Physical awards will only be made to members of the CPS.

Other Activities: While the focus is on virtual exhibits, it is hoped that our virtual meetings (CPS, CAPE, and BNAPS) during the show will have activities of interest to all members. Additionally, there are many other opportunities such as a show cover if there is sufficient interest.

Questions and Help: Feel free to get hold of Dave Russum at [email protected] with any unanswered questions or ideas you may have.

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