The Survey voting is available from Friday 21 January 2022 until Monday 1 February 2022 at midnight MST.

The SURVEY will Open 21 January 2022. Thank you for your participation

You will be answering 5 questions regarding the Exhibits and 4 general questions:
1. My Favourite 1-15 Page exhibits (Select up to 3 Choices)
2. My Favourite 1 Frame exhibits (Select up to 4 Choices)
3. My Favourite Multiframe exhibits (Select up to 3 Choices)
4. My Favourite CREATIVE exhibits (Select up to 3 Choices)
5. My Favourite Overall exhibits (Select up to 3 Choices)
6. Did you have problems using the Exhibits webpage?
7. Did you enjoy this Exhibition?
8. Are you a member of any of these organizations (Select all that apply)
9. Did you know that the only National stamp show west of Ontario in 2022 will be held in Calgary on 2nd to 4th September? - CPS 2022 BNAPEX - will mark the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Philatelic Society and will be both a BNAPEX and a National stamp show (sanctioned by the RPSC). A perfect opportunity to combine a stamp show and vacation in the Canadian Rockies. Please provide your email to receive more information on this show.

The survey for CALVIRT 2022 is now closed. Thanks to those of you who participated