Contacting the Calgary Philatelic Society

Mailing Address:

Calgary Philatelic Society
Box 1478
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L6


CPS Board of Directors

Murray Bialek President
[email protected]
Jim Senecal Vice President
[email protected]
Norma Nielson Treasurer
[email protected]
Donna Trathen Secretary
[email protected]
Larry Tweedale Past President
[email protected]
Martha Dunsmore Director5
[email protected]
Doug Kollar Director4
[email protected]
Mike McPhail Director3
[email protected]
Erika Peter Director1
[email protected]
Gerry Vader Director2
[email protected]




Dale Speirs Archives - [email protected]
Doug Kollar Auctions - [email protected]
Jim Senecal Auction - [email protected]
Walter Herdzyk Caltapex - [email protected]
Larry Tweedale Circuits - [email protected]
Ray Villeneuve Dealers - [email protected]
Dale Speirs Editor - [email protected]
Norma Nielson Exhibits - [email protected]
Jim Senecal Juniors
Penny Borrowman Librarian - [email protected]
Gerry Vader Life Members - [email protected]
Murray Bialek Memberships - [email protected]
Penny Borrowman Programs - [email protected]
Dave Bartlet Web Master - [email protected]


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