The Calgary Philatelic Society has had its own on-site library since September of 1992.

The library’s objective is a simple one: to provide members with information they can take home, which pertains to their particular interest. As books are loaned on a monthly basis, theoretically, all items are available at every meeting.

As well as books, the library carries books and information on CD, as well as current periodicals. The periodicals are put on the “sharing table” near the door, where club members can pick them up, take them home, then return them to the table for another reader.

Book borrowing is monitored by writing names and titles, along with borrowing and returned dates, in a paper notebook. This was the best way to keep track in the early days, and still works well, as no one needs to bring a computer to each meeting.

Although the entire collection is now available for review on our web site, only paid-up club members may borrow material from our collection, and must be at a regular meeting to do so. To borrow any material, please talk to our Librarians, Penny or Linda.

Penny and Linda are particularly gratified that the library is used at each and every general meeting, and we are often asked to access material at auction meetings and casual gatherings. We encourage other city clubs to contact us if they are interested in starting their own library, as we may be able to provide information or guidance.

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Title Author Year Publisher Subject Book Location
100 Trivia Quizes for Stamp Collectors Olcheski, Bill 1982 A. P. S. Quizes & Contests Meetings & Clubs
1840 - 1990: The Penny Black Anniversary Book Shackleton, Tim, text 1999 Royal Mail Stamps Great Britain Great Britain
1959 St Lawrence Seaway Joint Issue and its Invert, the Verge, Charles J. G. 2009 Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundati Canada Postal History
1967-78 Postage Due Issue of Canada Chung, Andrew   Andrew Chung Canada Revenue Stamps
1974 Canadian Matched Block Stamp Catalogue Gandley, Will 1974   Catalogues Canada - Definitives
1977-78 Definitives of Canada (The): A Listing of Paper Varieties Chung, Andrew 1978 Chung Canada Canada - Definitives
A Hundred Years Of Canadian Stamps Mason, Ralph S. 1951 Ryerson Canada Canada - Postal History
Abdication Warwick, Christopher 1986 Sidgewick & Jackson Great Britain Great Britain
Admiral Era: a rate study 1912-1928 Steinhart, Allan L. 1981 Jim A. Hennock Ltd. Canada Canada - Definitives
Admiral issue of Canada (The) Marler, George C. 1982 APS Canada Stand-alone
Advanced Philatelic Research Pearson, Patrick 1971 Barker Stamp Collecting S.Collecting Advanced Guides
Advanced Stamp Collecting : A Serious Guide Kraus, Barry 1990 Betterway Stamp Collecting Advanced Guides
Adventures in topical stamp collecting Griffenhagen, George 1997 A.T.A. Topicals Topicals
Air mail in Alberta May, Denny 2009 May Alberta Postal History
Air Mails of Canada and Newfoundland (The): a volume in the Sixth Edition of the American Air Mail Catalogue   1997 American Air Mail Society Air Mail Canada - Postal History
Airmail Flights to the Arctic: Recognizing the 75th anniversary of the official flights by Commercial Airways to the western Arctic November 1929 - January 1930   2005 Canadian Aerophilatelic Society Alberta Mail Transportation
Airmails 1870 - 1970 Mackay, James 1971 Batsford Air Mail Postal History
Alberta Post Offices 1876-1998 Hughes, Neil 1999   Alberta Stand-alone
All about stamps: an illustrated encyclopedia of philatelic terms Youngblood, Wayne L. 2000 Krause Postage Stamps Identifiers & Dictionaries
Allan Steinhart, postal historian Handleman, David 1997 Postal History Society of Canada Canada Postal History
Amazing but true! Stories behind the stamp Storer, Doug 1976 Simon & Schuster Inc. Stamp Dealers Stories & Narratives
APS Stamp Identifier Boal, Barbara, comp. 1992 American Philatelic Society Postage Stamps Identifiers & Dictionaries
Artifact & Parliament Definitive Series 1982-1989 Harris, D. Robin 1997 Adminware Corp Canada Canada - Definitives
Australian Airmail Catalogue Eustis, Nelson, ed. 1984 Hobby Inv. Pty. Ltd. Air Mail Australia
Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue (The) White, Alan J., comp. 1989 Brusden - White Australia & New Zealand Australia
B. N. A. Fakes and Forgeries Smythies, E. A. 1971 J. F. Webb Postage Stamps Fakes & Forgeries
Bale Catalogue of Israel Stamps 1998 Bale, Michael H. comp 1998 Negev Holyland Stamps Israel Middle East
Barbados: the Britannia Issue Roett, M. Fitz 2013 Lightning Source Barbados Postal History
Beginner's Guide To Stamp Collecting Schwartz, Ted 1983 Arco Handbooks & Manuals S. Coll. for Beginners
Belarus: A Catalogue-Checklist of National and Local Postage Stamp Issues Including Foreign Administrative Issues of 1916 - 1920 and 1941 - 1944 Pauk, Bohdan O. 1996 Ukrainian Philatelic Resources Ukraine Europe
Best of Herman Herst's Outbursts, The Herst, Herman 1993 Book Depot Stamp Dealers Stories & Narratives
Blue Mauritius: the Hunt for the World's Most Valuable Stamp Morgan, Helen 2009 Atlantic Books Mauritius Stories & Narratives
BNAPS Catalogue of Canadian military markings Vol. 2: the World War II era, 1936 - 1945 Sayles, C. D., ed. 2011 BNAPS Canada Military Post
British Columbia Post Offices (A Checklist of) 1991 Topping, William 1991 William Topping British Columbia Canada - Specific Areas
British Postage Stamp of the nineteenth century, The. Lowe, Robson 1968 National Postal Museum Postal History Great Britain
British Postmarks: a short history and guide Alcock, R. C.; Holland, F. C. 1960 R. C. Alcock Postmarks Great Britain
Calgary Philatelic Publications, 1949 - 2007; plus subject index to Calgary Philatelist Speirs, Dale 2015   index CD box
Canada - B. N. A. Philately (an outline) Richardson, Ed   B.N.A.P.S.? Canada Canada - Postal History
Canada 1967-1973: Centennial Definitive Issues Reference Manual Laroche, Jacques J. 1973 Jacques J. Laroche Canada Canada - Definitives
Canada And The Universal Postal Union 1878-1900 Arfken, George B. 1992 Unitrade Postal Service UPU, UN
Canada Domestic and International Postal Rates and Fees 1870-1999 Smith, Robert C.; Wawrukiewicz, Anthony S. 2000 The Press for Philately Canada - Postal Service Stand-alone
Canada Inkjet (jet spray) Cancels 1992-2005 Weiner, Joel H. 2006 BNAPS Canada Postmarks & Cancellations
Canada Notes On The 1911-1925 Issue Marler, George C. 1949 American Philatelic Society Canada Canada - Postal History
Canada Official Postal Guide 1952-53, Part I: Chief regulations of the Post Office, rates of postage and other information. Cloutier, Edmond 1954 King's Printer Canada Canada - Post Offices
Canada Plate Block Catalogue 1965-1967 Bileski, K. 1965 Bileski Postage Stamps Canada - Definitives
Canada Post Offices 1755-1895 Campbell, Frank W. 1972 Quarterman Canada - Postal Service Canada - Post Offices
Canada Postal Act and Post Offices 1878 & the Canada Split Ring Proofs June 1879 - January 1880 Symonds, Brian H. 1982 Post-West Pub & Ptg Canada Stand-alone
Canada Precancel Handbook The Precancel Committee, ed. 1988 Unitrade Canada Postmarks & Cancellations
Canada Steel Engraved Constant Plate Varieties Reiche, Hans 1982 Unitrade Canada Canada - Methods
Canada Tagged Stamps Handbook Rose, Ken 198 Saskatoon Coin & Stamp Canada Canada - Catalogues
Canada Varieties of the Queen Elizabeth Era Part I: Basic Types Pugh, Kenneth W. 1972 Leech Printing Canada Canada - Varieties
Canada Varieties of the Queen Elizabeth Era Part II: Major Varieties Pugh, Kenneth W. 1973 Leech Printing Canada Canada - Varieties
Canada: The 1967-73 Definitive Issue Irwin, Douglas C.; Freedman, Murray H. 1984 George S. Wegg Ltd. Canada Canada - Postal History
Canada: The Admiral Stamps of 1911 to 1925 Reiche, Hans 1965 Lyman Canada Canada - Postal History
Canada's Postage Stamps Patrick, Douglas & Mary 1964 McClelland & Stewart Canada Canada - Postal History
Canada's registered mail 1802-1909: from money letters through insurance for a fee Harrison, Horace W. 2002 Collectors' Club of Chicago Canada Stand-alone
Canada's Registry System: 1827 - 1911 Harrison, Horace W. 1971 A. P. S. Canada - Postal Service Canada - Postal History
Canadian Expeditionary Force in Siberia 1918-19 Faulstich, Edith M. 1970 (Reprint from the Postal History Journal of 1968) Canada Canada - Postal History
Canadian Fancy Cancellations of the Nineteenth Century Day, K. M. 1981 BNAPS Canada Postmarks & Cancellations
Canadian Fancy Cancels of the Nineteenth Century Day, K. M.; Smythies, E. A. 1973 B.N.A.P.S. Canada Postmarks & Cancellations
Canadian Flag Cancellation Handbook 1896-1973 Richardson, Ed 1973 BNA Topics Canada Postmarks & Cancellations
Canadian General Delivery Markings Switt, Jeffrey 1992 BNAPS Canada Postmarks & Cancellations
Canadian Lathework Design Reiche, Hans 1967 Unitrade Canada Design & Display
Canadian Mail By Rail 1836-1867 Gillam, L. F. 1985 Gillam Canada Mail Transportation
Canadian Map Stamp of 1898, a detailed study by . . Tomlinson, Frederick 1972 Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain Canada Canada - Definitives
Canadian Military Post Offices To 1993 Bailey, W. J.; Toop, E. R. 1994 Unitrade Military Post Offices Canada - Post Offices
Canadian Patriotic Post Card Handbook 1904-1914, The Gutzman, W. L. 1985 Unitrade Canada Postcards
Canadian Permit Postage Stamp Catalogue Staecker, Dick 2007 BNAPS Canada Canada - Methods
Canadian Philatelic E.F.O.'s: Errors, Freaks, and Oddities Rousseau, Lyse 2004 Darnel Canada Canada - Varieties
Canadian Picture Postcard Catalogue1992, The Gutzman, W. L. 1992 Unitrade Canada Postcards
Canadian Postage Due Stamps Chung, Andrew; Reiche, Hans 1985 Unitrade Canada Canada - Postage Due & Revenue
Canadian Postage Stamps and Stationery Howes, Clifton A. 1974 Quarterman Canada Canada - Postal History
Canadian Postage Stamps, Perforated and overprinted OHMS & 'G' Wrigley, Roy 1966 Wrigley Overprints Canada - Post Offices
Canadian Postal Guide: Containing the Chief Regulations of the Post Office . . . (see Abstract) Dewe, John, comp. 1863 R. & A. Miller Postal History Canada - Postal History
Canadian Posted Letter Guide For Letters Mailed 1851 - 1902 Firby, Charles G. 1996 Firby Canada Canada - Covers
Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue 1994, including Wildlife Conservation stamps Van Dam, E. S. J. 1994 Unitrade Canada Revenue Stamps
Canadian Stamp Handbook Milos, Michael 1982 Canadian Stamp Handbooks Canada Canada - Definitives
Canadian Stamp Varieties 1973 Reiche, Hans 197 Hobby Pub. Canada Canada - Varieties
Canadian Stamps with Perforated Initials Johnson, J. C., ed.; Tomasson, G., ed. 1985 Unitrade Press Canada Canada - Methods
Canadian Tagged Errors and Tagged Perfins Rose, Ken 1984 Gary J Lyon Canada Canada - Varieties
Care and Preservation of Philatelic Materials, The Collins, T. J. 1989 British Library & APS postage stamps Stamp Collecting - General
Caricature & Landscape Definitives Series 1972-1978 Harris, D. Robin 1997 Adminware Corp Canada Canada - Definitives
Carpatho-Ukraine: A Catalogue-Checklist Bylen, Peter 1995 Ukrainian Philatelic Resources Ukraine Europe
Carrying British Mails : Five Centuries of postal transport by land, sea and air Farrugia, Jean; Gammons, Tony 1980 National Postal Museum Great Britain Mail Transportation
Catalog of Tobacco Tax Paid Stamps of Canada and Newfoundland Brandom, Lee W. 1976 BNAPS Canada Revenue Stamps
Catalogue and Guidebook of Canadian Official Stamps   1979 J. & M. Publishing Official Stamps Canada - Catalogues
Catalogue of the Federal Tobacco Stamps of Canada: on CD Ryan, Christopher D. 2013 Ryan Revenue Stamps CD box
Centennial Definitive Series 1967-1973 Harris, D. Robin 2000 Harris/Adminward Corp. Canada Stand-alone
Centennial Definitives of Canada Gronbeck-Jones, David 1981 Gronbeck-Jones Canada Canada - Definitives
Century Of Liberian Philately Rogers, Henry H. 1971 K. Bileski Liberia Stand-alone
Chalon Heads, the Maitland, Barry 1999 Orion Fiction Stories & Narratives
Channel Islands Stamps and Postal History   1979 Stanley Gibbons Channel Islands Great Britain
Chinese Orange Mystery (The) Queen, Ellery 1962 Pocket Book Fiction Stories & Narratives
Collecting Irish Stamps Whyte, Ian 1994 Whyte Ireland Great Britain
Collecting Postcards In Colour, 1894-1914 Duval, William 1978 Blandford Postcards Postcards
Collecting Postcards In Colour, 1914-1930 Monahan, Valerie 1980 Blandford Postcards Postcards
Collecting Postmarks Forster, R. K. 1977 Stanley Gibbons Postmarks Postmarks & Cancellations
Color in Philately White, R. H. 1979 Philatelic Foundation Stamps - Technical Aspects Advanced Guides
Color Treasury Of Stamp Collecting Tosco, Uberto 1972 Orbis Stamp Collecting Colourful Overviews
Compleat Philatelist Herst, Herman Jr. 1979 Washington Press Stamp Collecting Stamp Collecting - General
Comprehensive Colour Catalogue of Australian Stamps Eastick, Michael, ed. 2007 Victoria Stamp Traders Australia & New Zealand Stand-alone
Country Post: Rural Postal Service in Canada 1880-1945 Amyot, Chantal 2003 Canadian Museum of Civilization Canada Canada - Postal History
Darnell BNA - Canada Deluxe Edition 1997: Complete including Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and British Columbia Rousseau, Lyse 1996 Darnell Canada Canada - Catalogues
Dead letter office in Canada, 1830-2002 The: an illustrated postal history Plain, Brian C. 2003 Auxano Canada Canada - Postal History
Dealers' Guide to Chemical Restoration of Postage Stamps   1976 National Stamp Service Postage Stamps S.Collecting Advanced Guides
Design in Miniature Gentleman, David 1972 Studio Vista Stamps - Technical Aspects Design & Display
Developing A Local Stamp Club Speakers Prog     American Philatelic Society Stamp Clubs Meetings & Clubs
Duck Stamps : Art In The Service Of Conservation Weidensaul, Scott 1989 Gallery Books Duck Stamps Stand-alone
Early Fredericton Postcards Brooks, Gordon 1998 New Ireland Press Canada Postcards
Early Rapid Cancelling Machines of Canada (The) Sessions, David F. 1982 Unitrade Canada Postmarks & Cancellations
Edward VII Issue of Canada: a Detailed Study, the Marler, George C. 1975 National Postal Museum Edward VII on stamps Canada - Definitives
Elephant and it's Relationship with Man (The) Owens, Mary Ann 2002 Mary Ann Owens Exhibiting Topicals
Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps 1639 - 1952 (The): Vol. 5, The Empire in North America   1973 Robson Lowe Canada Canada - Postal History
Engraving Art of Czeslaw Slania (The): Life Work of the World's Finest Engraver Short, Harold Ashby, ed. 2008 Czeslaw Slania Study Grouup Engravers & Engraving Topicals
Environment Definitive Series 1977-1987 Harris, D. Robin 1997 Adminware Corp Canada Canada - Definitives
Every stamp tells a story: the National Philatelic Collection (US) Ganz, Cheryl R. ed. 2014 Smithsonian Institute Scholarly Press Postage Stamps U. S.
Facets Of Canadian Philately : A Souvenir of the Canada Post Corporation Exhibit prepared for CAPEX '87, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 13 - 21 June 1987 McGuire, C. R. 1987 Canada Post Corporation Exhibiting Canada - Postal History
Fakes And Forgeries Of New Brunswick & PEI. Mitchell, R. B. 1979 Scotia Stamp Studio Postage Stamps Fakes & Forgeries
Fancy Cancels on Canadian Stamps 1855-1950 Lacelle, D. M. 2007 BNAPS Canada Postmarks & Cancellations
Fibber McGee 2: Old Time Radio Shows McGee, Fibber     Fiction CD box
Fibber McGee: 1. Old Time Radio Shows related to philately McGee, Fibber     Fiction CD box
Field Guide to the Cinderella Stamps of Canada Lafreniere, Ronald G. 2015 Bird Bear Press Cinderella Cinderella
First United States perforated stamps -- the 1857 issue Rose, John W. 2005 Collectors Club of Chicago Stamps U. S.
Flying The Mail Jackson, Donald Dale 1982 Time-Life Air Mail Stand-alone
Fruit & Flag Definitive Series 1989-1996 Harris, D. Robin 1997 Adminware Corp Canada Canada - Definitives
Fun and Profit in Stamp Collecting Herst, Herman Jr. 1962 Hawthorn Books Stamp Collecting Stories & Narratives
Fundamentals Of Philately Williams, L. N. 1990 American Philatelic Society Stamp Collecting Stand-alone
Funk & Wagnall's Guide to the World of Stamp Collecting Ilma, Viola 1978 Thomas Y. Crowell Stamp Collecting Stamp Collecting - General
G.B. Official Perfins Edwards, T. A.; Lucas, B. C. 1984 Perfin Society Perfinated Stamps Great Britain
Gee-Ma Forgeries (The) Robeson Lowe, intro 1980 Robson Lowe Forgeries China
Goggles, Helmets And Airmail Stamps Vachon, Georgette; Downey, Mary, trans. 1974 Clarke, Irwin Canada - Postal Service Mail Transportation
Guide for the Development of Philately: the fascinating world of stamps   1999 Universal Postal Union Stamp Collecting Stamp Collecting - General
Guide To Stamp Collecting Melville, Fred J. 1978 Coles Handbooks & Manuals Stamp Collecting - General
Guide/Tips handbook for Production of Show/Bourse programs Burnett, Carl M. 1987 Stamp Fun Company Stamp Clubs Meetings & Clubs
Handbook and Catalogue of Canadian Transoprtation Postmarks (The) Shaw, T. P. G. 1963 Almar & Assoc. Canada - Postal Service Mail Transportation
Handbook of Air Mail Slogans of Canada, A: a presentation of the slogan study group of the British Norht America Philatelic Society Rosenblat, Daniel G. 1990 BNAPS Cancellations Canada - Covers
History of Canadian R. P. O.'s 1853-1967, A Gillam, L. F. 1979 American Philatelic Society Railways Mail Transportation
History of Mail Bombs: A Philatelic & Historical Study Speirs, Dale 2010 The Wreck and Crash Mail Society Wreck & Crash Mail Canada - Postal History
History of precancels Hoover, N. (Norman) R. 1989 Precancel Stamp Society Precancels Postmarks & Cancellations
History Of Rural Mail In Canada Wilcox, George 1975 Canada Post Public Affairs Canada Canada - Postal History
History Of The Calgary Philatelic Society Speirs, Dale 1992 C.P.S. C. P. S. History Meetings & Clubs
Holmes' Specialized Philatelic Catalogue of Canada and British North America Holmes, L. Seale 1963 Ryerson Press Canada Advanced Guides
How To Arrange And Write-Up A Stamp Collection Phillips, Stanley 1988 Stanley Gibbons Exhibiting Design & Display
How To Collect Stamps   1978 Harris Stamp Collecting S. Coll. for Beginners
How to Detect Damaged, Altered, and Repaired Stamps Schmid, Paul W.   Krause Postage Stamps Fakes & Forgeries
Hungarian Hyperinflation of 1945 - 1946: the postage rates and postal history of history's most impressive inflation Morgan, Robert B. 2003 Collectors Club of Chicago Inflation Europe
Illustrated History Of Stamp Design Finlay, William 1974 Eurobook Postage Stamps Design & Display
Imperial China: History of the Posts to 1896 Pratt, Richard 1994 Robson Lowe China China
Independent Ukraine 1918-1920: A Catalogue-Checklist of National Postage Stamp Issues as well as Regional Trident Overprints and Occupational Issues Bylen, Peter 1996 Ukrainian Philatelic Resources Ukraine Europe
International Postage Meter Stamp Catalogue (the) Hawkins, Joel; Stambaugh, Richard 2005 the authors Meter Stamps Stand-alone
International Rapid Cancelling Machines: Western Canada Coutts, Cecil C. 2016 Coutts Canada Postmarks & Cancellations
Introducing Postal History Branston, A. J. 1978 Stanley Gibbons Postal History Postal History
Inverted Jenny, The : Mystery, Money, Mania Amick, George 1986 Amos Inverted Jenny Stories & Narratives
James Chalmers, Inventor of the Adhesive Postage Stamp Smith, W. J., ed. 1970 David Winters & Sons Postal History Postal History
John James Audubon on Stamps Herrmann, Lois 2004 ATA Birds on Stamps Topicals
Language Of Stamp Collecting: An Insider's Guide to the Language of the Experts Rennie, David 1982 Allen Stamp Collecting Identifiers & Dictionaries
Large Queen stamps of Canada and their use 1868-1872, (The) Duckworth, H. E. & H. W. 1986 Vincent G. Greene Philatelic Research Foundation Canada Canada - Postal History
Large Queen's Report, A Reiche, Hans 1977 Cdn. Wholesale Supply Canada Canada - Definitives
Les premiers paquebots Francais de la ligne de New-York 1783-1793 Tristant, Henri 1985 Henri Tristant Ship letters Mail Transportation
Letters from the Celestial Empire: a study of the postmarks on the cards and letters from the warships of the nine nations that maintained a naval presence in China from the middle of the nineteenth century to the twentieth and some historical data on China during that turbulent time Saqqal, George 2005 Saqqal Ship letters China
Letters from the Far West: topics in Alberta's philatelic history in recognition of the province's centennial 1905 - 2005 BNAPS, Calgary Group 2005 BNAPS Calgary Group Postal History Canada - Specific Areas
Manitoba Post Offices (A Checklist of) Robinson, William G. 1988 William Topping Postal History Canada - Specific Areas
Meetings       Procedures Meetings & Clubs
Meetings Canadian Corporate Secretarys 1989 C. C. H. Meeting Procedures Meetings & Clubs
Michel Deutschland-Spezial 2015, Band 2: Ab Mai 1945   2014 Schwaneberger Catalogues Germany
Michel Deutschland-Spezial 2015: Band 1: 1849 bis April 1945   2014 Schwaneberger Catalogues Germany
Michel Gulf States Catalogue 2013   2012 Schwaneberger Gulf States Middle East
Michel privatpostkarten - Katalog Deutschland: Deutsches Reich 1873-1945   1992 Schwaneberger Germany Europe
Mosaic Of Canada On Postage Stamps: A Pictorial Glimpse of Canada's History Mika, Nick; Mika, Helma 1967 Mika Silk Screening Canada Canada - Postal History
Murder Most Postal: Homicidal Tales that Deliver a Message Greenberg, Martin H., ed. 2001 Cumberland House Fiction Stories & Narratives
Musson Stamp Dictionary (The) Patrick, Douglas & Mary 1972 Musson Bk Co. Dictionaries Identifiers & Dictionaries
Nassau Street Herst, Herman 1988 Amos Press Stamp Dealers Stories & Narratives
National Postal Museum, The (A Guidebook)     Canada Post Canada Postal History
New Specialized Catalogue of Canada Post Official First Day Covers Chung, Andrew; Narbonne, R. F. 2002 Unitrade Press Canada Covers
Newfoundland 1897 royal family, dead letter seal and map stamps Walsh, John M. 2006 BNAPS Postal History Newfoundland
Newfoundland Specialized Stamp Catalogue Walsh, John M. 1995 Walsh's Philatelic Service Newfoundland Newfoundland
Newfoundland Specialized: the Trail Of The Caribou Meyerson, Daniel C. 196 BNAPS Newfoundland Newfoundland
Newspaper Tax Stamps of Great Britain: Excerpt from Revenue Stamp Catalogue of the United Kingdom Booth, R. G. 1989 Booth Great Britain Stand-alone
Nile Post, The: Handbook & Catalogue of Egyptian Stamps Chalhoub, Joseph H. 2003 Chalhoub Egypt Stand-alone
No Englishmen Need Apply Mallett, Gordon 2010 BNAPS Canada - Postal Service Canada - Specific Areas
Northwest Territories Postal Cancellations 1907-1986 O'Reilly, Kevin 1987 Unitrade Postal Cancellations Canada - Specific Areas
Official Telephone Directory, Calgary 1903   1903 Bell Telephone Co. Of Canada Calgary, Alberta Directories
On the Road: the Quest for Stamps Datz, Stephen R. 1991 General Philatelic Corp. collectors and collecting Stories & Narratives
On Track: The Railway Mail Service in Canada O'Reilly, Susan McLeod 1992 National Postal Museum Canada - Postal Service Mail Transportation
Paper Varieties to the 1973-76 Low Value Definitives of Canada Chung, Andrew 1979 Chung Canada Canada - Definitives
Paquebot cancellations of the world Hosking, Roger 1987 Roger Hosking Ship letters Postmarks & Cancellations
Philatelic and Postal History of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports of China& Japan Webb, F. W. 1991 Royal Philatelic Society of London Postal History China
Philatelic Exhibitors Handbook Neil, Randy L. 2006 not given Exhibiting Design & Display
Philatelistisches Worterverzeichnis: a Dictionary of 13 languages Zumstein   Zumstein & Cie. Dictionaries S.Collecting Advanced Guides
Philately Under The Lamp Eastwood, Herbert 1929 Herbert Eastwood Postage Stamps Fakes & Forgeries
Pictures In The Post: the story of the picture postcard and its place in the history of popular art Carline, Richard 1972 Deltiologists Of America Post Cards Postcards
Pioneer Stamps of the British Empire (The) Poole, Bertram W. H. 1957 Faber & Faber Postal History Great Britain
Post Office in Barbados, The Bayley, Herbert 1933 Barbadian Post Office Barbados Postal History
Post offices of Alberta Robinson, William G., ed. 1998 William Topping Alberta Canada - Specific Areas
Postage Stamp History Of Canada Seary, Victor 1972 Mcgraw-Hill Ryerson Canada Canada - Postal History
Postage Stamps & Postal History of Canada, the Boggs, Winthrop S. 1974 Quarterman Canada Stand-alone
Postage Stamps & Postal History Of Newfoundland Boggs, Winthrop S. 1975 Quarterman Newfoundland Newfoundland
Postage Stamps Of New Brunswick And Nova Scotia Argenti, Nicholas 1976 Quarterman Canada - Provinces Canada - Postal History
Postage Stamps of the United States 1847 - 1953   1953 United States Government Printing Office Postage Stamps U. S.
Postal History of Lundy, The Gade, F. W. 1958 no info Lundy Island Great Britain
Postal History of the Canadian Contingents in the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 Rowe, Kenneth 1981 Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation Boer War Canada - Postal History
Postal History of the District Of Assiniboia 1882-1905 Kell, Ronald 1987 Unitrade Alberta Canada - Postal History
Postal History of the Post Card in Canada 1871-1911 Steinhart, Allan L. 1986 Steinhart Canada Postcards
Postal History Of Yukon Territory Canada Woodall, Robert G. 1976 Quarterman Yukon Territory Canada - Specific Areas
Postal Service Down The Centuries   1974 Canada Post Canada - Postal Service Postal History
Postal Stationery of Canada: A reference catalogue Bond, Nelson, comp. 1953 Herman Herst Jr. Postal Stationery Canada - Catalogues
Postmark Guide To Stamp Collecting Quinsey, Dan 1994 Postmark Philatelic Services Stamp Collecting Stamp Collecting - General
Practical Stamp Collecting Crane, A. O. 1949 Crane Stamp Collecting Stamp Collecting - General
Publications of the Calgary Philatelic Society: 1961 - 1992 Speirs, Dale 1961   CPS history CD box
Queen's Stamps(The): the Authorized History of the Royal Philatelic Collection Courtney, Nicholas 2004 Methuen Queen Elizabeth II Great Britain
Rare Stamps Williams, L. N. & M. 1967 Weidenfeld & Nicolson Stamps Postal History
Reference Manual of B.N.A. Fakes, Forgeries & Counterfeits: ...Jean de Sperati Pugh, Kenneth W. 2002 Pugh Sperati, Jean de Stand-alone
Republic of Taiwan Postal History and Postage Stamps Lee, Ming-Liang 1995 Tiger Publishing Co. China China
Researching Alberta Postal History Speirs, Dale 2012   Alberta CD box
Revenue Surcharges Woo, L. Y. 1983 Woo China China
Road To Philately Jordan, F. S. J. 1960 Blandford Handbooks & Manuals Stamp Collecting - General
Romance Of Stamp Collecting (The) : Notes From... Kehr, Ernest A. 1947 Crowell collectors and collecting Stories & Narratives
Royal Canadian Naval postal history 1939-1945: Supplementary Appendices I Hampson, Maurice F.; Colbeck, Percy G. 1996 Maurice F. Hampson Naval History - Canada Canada - Postal History
Royal Canadian Naval postal history 1939-1945: Supplementary Appendices II Hampson, Maurice F.; Colbeck, Percy G. 2000 Maurice F. Hampson Naval History - Canada Canada - Postal History
Royal Canadian Naval Postal History 1939-1945: Supplementary Appendices III Hampson, Maurice F. 2003 Maurice F. Hampson Naval History - Canada Canada - Postal History
Royal Canadian Naval Postal History 1939-1945: Volume I Hampson, Maurice F.; Colbeck, Percy G. 1993 Maurice F. Hampson Naval History - Canada Canada - Postal History
Royal Canadian Naval postal history 1939-1945: Volume II Hampson, Maurice F.; Colbeck, Percy G. 1996 Maurice F. Hampson Naval History - Canada Canada - Postal History
Royal Canadian naval Postal History1939-1945: supplementary appendicies IV Hampson, Maurice F. 2008 Hampson Naval History - Canada Canada - Postal History
Running and Promoting Stamp Shows Philatelic Leadership Conference 1995 APS Exhibiting Design & Display
Sakura Catalogue of Japanese Stamps, 2011   2011 Sakura Stamps Asia
Saskatchewan post offices (A checklist of) Robinson, William G., ed. 1987 Topping Saskatchewan Canada - Specific Areas
Schweitzer Briefmarken Katalog 2012   2011 Postfach Catalogues Europe
Scott Specialized Catalogue Of United States Stamps & Covers 2013     Scott United States  
Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue 2016 Vol.1   2015 Scott Catalogues  
Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue 2016 Vol.2   2015 Scott Catalogues  
Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue 2016 Vol.3   2015 Scott Catalogues  
Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue 2016 Vol.4   2015 Scott Catalogues  
Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue 2016 Vol.5   2015 Scott Catalogues  
Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue 2016 Vol.6   2015 Scott Catalogues  
Secret Messages on Postcards Speirs, Dale 2007 Speirs Postcards CD box
Serrane Guide (The): stamp forgeries of the world to 1926 Serrane, Fernand; Eyer, Cortland, trans. 1998 American Philatelic Society Postage Stamps Stand-alone
Sets And Series : A Collector's Guide To More Than Seventy Famous Long Sets of Edwardian Picture Postcards Harvey, Peter, comp.   Peter Harvey Postcards Postcards
Shanghai Large Dragons: the First Issue of the Shanghai Local Post Chow, Wei-Liang, Dr. 1995 Pressroom China China
Shanghai Postal System: the Stamps and Postal History Dougan, Charles W. 1981 A. P. S. China China
Sissons 1978 Standard Catalogue of Canada Revenues . . .Semi Official Airmail Sissons, J. N. 1978 Sissons Canada Revenue Stamps
Slogan Postal Cancels of Canada Proulx, David H. 1978 Proulx Canada Postmarks & Cancellations
Slogan postmarks of Canada: catalogue and guidebook Coutts, Cecil C. 2007 Coutts Canada Postmarks & Cancellations
Soviet Ukraine: A Catalogue-Checklist of National and Local Postage Stamp Issues 1919 - 1923, including Occupational Issues of 1918 - 1920 and 1941 - 1944 Bylen, Peter 1995 Ukrainian Philatelic Resources Ukraine Europe
Squared Circle Postmarks Of Canada   1981 B.N.A.P.S. Canada Postmarks & Cancellations
Stamp Atlas Wellsted, W. Raife 1986 Facts On File Atlas Stand-alone
Stamp Club Handbook Boughner, Elaine Durnin 1983 Amos Press Meeting Procedures Meetings & Clubs
Stamp Collecting : Collecting By Theme Watson, James, comp. 1990 Stanley Gibbons Stamp Collecting Topicals
Stamp Collecting Handbook Grossman, Samuel 1981 Grossman Stamp Co. Handbooks & Manuals Stamp Collecting - General
Stamp Collecting: Philatelic Terms Illustrated Mackay, James 1987 Stanley Gibbons Stamp Collecting Identifiers & Dictionaries
Stamp Collector's Encyclopaedia: 6th edition   1966 Crown Stamp Collecting Encyclopaedias
Stamp collector's guidebook of worldwide watermarks and perforations Felix, Ervin J. 1966 Whitman Pub. Watermarks S.Collecting Advanced Guides
Stamps and Postal History of the Channel Islands Newport, William 1972 Heinmann Postage Stamps Great Britain
Stamps Day by Day Williams, L. N. & M. 1950 Blandford Stamps Identifiers & Dictionaries
Stamps of Alderney: an illustrated price guide and handbook Newell, Peter E. 1988 Melbourne House Alderney Great Britain
Stamps Of British North America Jarrett, Fred 1975 Quarterman Canada Canada - Postal History
Stamps, Posts And Postmarks Angus, Ian 1973 Ward Lock Stamps Stamp Collecting - General
Stamps: Facts & Feats, a Guinness Superlatives Book Mackay, James 1982 Guinness Superlatives Postage Stamps Identifiers & Dictionaries
Stamps: Their Lure and Lore Conoley, Ken T. 1967 Longmans Stamps Stamp Collecting - General
Standard Canada Precancel Catalogue 2000 Walburn, H. G., ed.; Kraemer, J. E. ed.; Reiche, Hans, ed. 2000 Unitrade Cancellations Postmarks & Cancellations
Standard Catalogue Of Canadian Booklet Stamps McCann, Bill 1996 Unitrade Press Canada Canada - Varieties
Stanley Gibbons Collect British Stamps   2010 Stanley Gibbons Catalogues Great Britain
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