Message from the President

The Calgary Philatelic Society (CPS) continues to be a very active and progressive club.
We offer a large variety of activities to our members on a monthly basis: a newsletter,
emails, guest speakers, stamp clothesline, circuit book sales, two auctions, Juniors Club,
Zoom meetings such as BNAPS (British North America Philatelic Society) and CAPE
(Calgary Association of Philatelic Exhibitors), a members only website section where
stamps may be sold, etc. The CPS also hosts two yearly shows: our SPRING BOURSE in
April and CALTAPEX in October.

In 2022 we celebrated our club’s 100th birthday with a gigantic show “CPS 2022
BNAPEX” held at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Calgary. “CPS 2022 BNAPEX” was not
only BNAPS’s annual exhibition, it was also sanctioned as a national level RPSC (Royal
Philatelic Society of Canada) show. One of the highlights was our catered night out at
The Military Museums (TMM). TMM consists of seven independent museums (navy,
army, air force & 4 regimental), an art gallery, a military library, and a museum gift shop.
FYI, the Naval Museum has a real Enigma machine on display!

“Royal 2027 Royale” will be hosted by the Calgary Philatelic Society and will mark 100
years since the club’s first exhibit held in 1927!


April 2024