Message from the President

I would like to give a hearty welcome to all visitors to our new website, whether they are club members, collectors or people with an interest in our wonderful hobby of philately! It is hoped that you find the website interesting, easy to navigate, and a productive means to obtain up to date information. It provides a way for members of the Calgary Philatelic Society to communicate with each other and to reach out to philatelists in other communities throughout our great country and indeed the world. Please feel free to browse the different sections, especially in the months ahead as we increase the amount of information. In the near future we will provide a listing of the philatelic reference material in our library, and also of back issues of our bulletin, the “Calgary Philatelist.” There will also be links to our supporting dealers as well as suppliers and world postal agencies. The amount of information is vast and continues to present an exciting as well as challenging project to bring to completion. A huge thank you is to be given to my fellow members of our Website Committee: Dave Bartlet, Peter Fleck, Dave Freeman, and Larry Tweedale and to all of our members who contributed material.

Your President,

Murray Bialek