CALVIRT 2021 Exhibition 20 Jan 2021 to 10 Feb 2021

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Exhibit List as of 12 January

    Exhibit# Title
    1 Traffic Problems
    2 1st October 1870 - 150 Years Ago - the Half-penny Postal Rate
    3 Admiral Booklet Varieties
    4 Canada 3¢ Small Queen Perforations & Position Dots
    5 Philately: A Life-Long Hobby
    6 Return to Sender Mail
    7 The War is Over
    8 Matched pairs of Post marks
    9 What we did on Our Vacation
    10 Round the World Covers
    11 Canadian Participation in the 1908 Franco - British Exhibition
    12 Bear Essentials
    13 Who works in the Mailroom?
    14 French Colonies General issues postmarked at St Pierre and Miquelon
    15 Toilet Paper (Covid-19) Stamps
    16 1911-1925 King George V "Admiral" Issue
    17 Usage of the King George VI One Cent (1c) Mufti Transmission of Third (3rd) Class Matter April 1, 1937 - June 30, 1942
    18 Prairie Street Scene
    19 Bank of Montreal cover
    20 Foreign Mail with Added Canadian Forms or Labels
    21 British Columbia Hospitals Aid 1933
    22 15th World Scout Moot
    23 Contrived but interesting
    24 Canadian Mail, The Post Office and Covid-19
    25 Canadian COVID-19 Philatelic Souvenir Covers
    26 The 1939 Royal Visit to Canada
    27 XVIIIth International Red Cross Conference
    28 Where it all Began
    29 Centenary of Trans-Canada Air Flight 7-17 October 1920
    30 The Story of a Wayward Cover
    31 Rhodesia & Nyasaland Returned Letter Branch Mail
    32 Canada #492 Marc Aurele du Foy Suzor Cote, RCA
    33 Early Rhodesian Postcards Showing Native Africans
    34 Landmark Dinosaur Discoveries
    35 Postal History of Official Stamps in Canada
    36 The Last Days of 'G' Stamps …a Cameo Appearance
    37 Mail Damaged in 1945 Freighter Explosion at Vancouver
    38 The Official Special Delivery and Airmail Stamps of Canada: 1928-1950
    39 Wineries of Canada's most southerly land - Pelee Island
    40 Girl's Best Friend?

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    Exhibit Types can be - New, Current, Revised

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    Exhibit Info Exhibit Title Description First Page
    Entry#: 1
    Size: 1 Frame
    Best Viewed: Portrait
    Exhibitor: Active
    Exhibit Type: New
    FeedBack Request: No
    Traffic Problems "Traffic Problems" is a humourous postcard display about traffic jams and motoring problems.