There are 2 groups of exhibits at CPS 2022 BNAPEX. There is a section for exhibits exclusive to BNAPS members with up to 160 frames of BNA exhibits ranging from 1 to 8 frames in size. The show has also obtained the rights to make CPS 2022 BNAPEX a NATIONAL level show with National level judges, which has been sanctioned by the RPSC (Royal Philatelic Society of Canada). Exhibits from anywhere on any topic can be entered in this group, and the National show winner will Qualify for the Champion of Champion show, and the Great American Stamp Show held in the United States and be qualified for International exhibiting. BNAPS exhibits will be judged by a panel of BNAPS judges, and RPSC exhibits will be judged by a panel of RPSC judges, however any exhibit entered by BNAPS member can ALSO be entered in the National section of the show for an additional fee. There will also be a section of exhibits for Regional/Club exhibits and special 1 to 4 page mini exhibits.

Frame Fees:

  • 1 Frame or Multiframe BNAPS exhibits are $20 per frame.
  • 1 Frame National level exhibits are $25
  • Multiframe National level exhibits are $20 per frame.
  • BNAPS Members can have their BNAPS entry judged by a BNAPS and National Level Judge for $30 per frame.
  • Regional/Club 1 to 4 page mini exhibits are free. (subject to space availability)

Exhibit Prospectus:

The show exhibiting Prospectus will provide you with all the information regarding exhibiting in the show - Please review the document:
Click Here For CPS 2022 BNAPEX Calgary Exhibit Prospectus 26 Feb - PDF File that can be Viewed, Printed or Downloaded.

Frame Limit rules apply to exhibits submitted by BNAPS members relating to BNAPS Frames:

Click Here For BNAPS Exhibit Frame Limits 10 Feb

Exhibit Entry:

Before going to the form, make sure you have the following Available - BNAPS#, RPSC#, CPS# if you have these. If paying by Credit card have your credit card available too.

Click Here to Fill in the Online Entry Form

While ONLINE Entry form is the preferred way for you to enter your exhibit, a form can be filled in and mailed below:

Click Here For CPS 2022 BNAPEX Exhibit Entry Form 24 Feb - PDF File that can be Viewed, Printed or Downloaded.

Exhibit File Uploads:

Upload your Title Page, Synopsis or Exhibit below. Just select Only the files you want. The upload is Optional when filling the Entry form, so you may need to return at a later date to provide the required files. The preferred files are PDF for Synopsis and Exhibit and PDF or JPG for the Title Page. You can return at ANYTIME to this page to provide updates to these pages. The Title Page and Synopsis are Required for the judges, while the complete exhibit is Optional but will greatly assist the Judges in making their job earlier. We encourage you to provide this if you can.