Viewing Exhibits

The Exhibit files are all PDF files, so when you open one they are shown as a PDF. HOWEVER these days, MOST browsers have been modified to open and Display a PDF file without opening Adobe Acrobat. The result is that most people do not have to actually have Adobe Acrobat on their computer as the browser handles it for them. This works BEST on a larger computer monitor, or a screen that is Widescreen ratio.

Adobe Acrobat has some additional viewing features that are NOT done in a browser - that is the ability to view the pages in a PDF file Side by Side, and to scroll through the pages with them side by side - BUT Adobe Acrobat CAN do this if you adjust the View settings. Here is what you can try:

  1. You Must have the real Adobe Acrobat viewer from Adobe installed on your computer - the viewer is a free use download.
  2. On the CALVIRT Exhibits page, open the exhibit you wish to view side by side.
  3. Use the DOWNLOAD option in your browser to Download the Exhibit.
  4. Open the downloaded file in the Acrobat Viewer
  5. On the toolbar select View, then select Page Display off the Dropdown that comes up. In the Dropdown you will see viewing options, and the 3rd option is 2Page Scrolling (best) or 2 Page View - select an option. Your screen will then show 2 pages at a time.

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