In 2022 the Calgary Philatelic Society will be 100 Years old since it was founded and will host the annual BNAPS convention (BNAPEX) over the Labor Day weekend from 2 - 4 September. CALTAPEX, which is normally held the third weekend of October, will be combined with and held at the same time as BNAPEX. This show will not be exclusively BNA, as it has also acquired the rights to hold a National level exhibition concurrent with this show. As a consequence, there will not be a separate CALTAPEX show in October. With the additional of National judging for the show, additional exhibitors and attendees are expected to come and help make our 100th Anniversary a great party.

A committee was formed in 2020 to plan for BNAPEX 2022 and members have been assigned tasks which will begin much of the detailed work in the Fall of 2021. The venue - Hyatt Regency in downtown Calgary has been secured under similar terms to 2017. Please watch for further announcements from your committee.

All the information for BNAPEX/CALTAPEX will be found on the BNAPS website starting in November 2021. Click here to go to the webpage.

We have been doing fundraising for the show since 2019, and here are some of the items that have been made:

The Cover and booklet below were made in late 2020 to Promote CALVIRT and fundraising for our 2022 100th Anniversary

Covers are available for $5, while the Booklet is $25.

In 2019 a booklet was made to start the fundraising for our 100th Anniversary in 2022

Only booklets were made which cost $25. No covers were made.