Friday (1000-1800), Saturday (1000-1700), & Sunday (1000-1500)
2 - 4 September 2022
Calgary, AB
Hosted by the Calgary BNAPS Regional Group and the Calgary Philatelic Society
For More Information contact [email protected]

In 2022 the Calgary Philatelic Society (CPS) is 100 Years old. To celebrate a National Level show CPS 2022 BNAPEX is being held in conjunction with the annual BNAPS convention (BNAPEX) over the Labor Day weekend from 2 - 4 September. This show will NOT be exclusively BNA, as it has also acquired the rights to hold a NATIONAL LEVEL EXHIBITION concurrent with this show, which has been sanctioned by the RPSC (Royal Philatelic Society of Canada). With the addition of National judging for the show, Exhibitors entered in the National show category will be eligible to go to the Champion of Championsshow to compete at an international level. Attendees will have the opportunity to come and help make our 100th Anniversary a great party.
Planning has been ongoing since 2020 with the acquisition of the venue - Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Calgary. Using the menu at left, the Hotel can be booked on the Accomodations page, Exhibits can be submitted on the Exhibiting page and Registrations can be done on the Registration page.
COVID-19: Presently there are very few COVID-19 restrictions in Alberta other than hospitals and senior's homes which require masks. Flying within Canada has no restrictions other than masking and being vaccinated, and International flight passengers must show proof of vaccination and mask at the airport. As none of us has a crystal ball to know what will be happening in 2 months we will be observing regulations and follow all rules in place. For those concerned about their travel tickets and accommodations, note that our hotel the Hyatt Regency has a cancellation policy of 29 July for a Full refund and no penalty, but has a One Night penalty if cancelled AFTER 29 July. It will still be best to book now and cancel later if you have concerns. Many airlines presently allow refunds or credits for flights booked as they have relaxed rules for tickets. It is suggested to check with your airline when making a booking to determine its refund policy. Within Canada the airlines presently offer refunds, credits, changes and cancels on ALL of their fares until April 30, 2022. The airline rules could change at any time.

Airfares: As you will have heard on the news, airlines cancelled many flights this summer due to airport issues. The result is that with more cancelled flights, the remaining seats have become more expensive. It is NOT expected that airfares will fall between now and showtime, and will likely rise further. Booking flights sooner than later is recommended. To save money it is also wise to look at flyflair.com, and flylynx.com as these discount carriers provide fares considerably cheaper than Air Canada or Westjet. There are however fewer choices in flights when using these airlines. For example using Flair during the convention window you can fly return to Montreal for about $650, Toronto for $700 and Kitchener for $600. Lynx out of Toronto can be done for around $600.

Important Dates:

  • 08 July - Exhibit submissions closed, Early Registration and Hotel Bonuses ended,
  • 29 July - Last day to cancel hotel reservations with no penalty
  • 05 Aug - Last day for special Convention room rate at convention hotel rate of $169.00 AFTER 5 August rate is $264
  • 1 Sept - Exhibit mounting and bourse set-up
  • 2 Sept - Exhibition opens: bourse and seminars
  • 2 Sept - Afternoon Tour to Military Museums
  • 2 Sept - Dinner at Military Museums
  • 3 Sept - Tour to the BAR U Ranch National Historic Site
  • 3 Sept - Auction 6PM and Free evening
  • 4 Sept - Bird Watching
  • 4 Sept - BNAPS Past-Presidents' Reception & Awards Banquet
  • 4 Sept - Convention Awards Banquet
Come to CPS 2022 BNAPEX, visit Calgary, and spend several days touring the beautiful Canadian Rockies. We hope to see you in Calgary!. The hotel offers the special room rate from 31 August to 5 September

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The Show Catalog can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. Please note that as the catalog has information as of 14 August the most current information on the show will be found on the Website. Event/seminar schedules will be posted at the receptions area of the convention to highlight any information changes.

CLICK Here to View or Print the pdf of CPS 2022 BNAPEX Palmares

All the information for CPS 2022 BNAPEX will also be found on the BNAPS website starting in March 2022. Click here to go to the webpage.