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DUE To the CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK The CPS Board of Directors has CANCELLED ALL In Person Meetings, and Shows UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. This ACTION is being taken for the SAFETY of ALL CPS Members. As a result the Christmas Social meeting in December is cancelled.

There is a NEW menu page under Members called Virtual Zoom Meetings. When a Member signs in, they can see this page and there is a link to each of the meeting.

There are 3 upcoming Zoom meetings. The next meeting of the Calgary Philatelic Society is on 2 December (1st Wednesday), the Calgary Philatelic Society will have a Zoom meeting opens at 1845 for 1900. This meeting replaces the regular monthly meeting at the Kerby Centre.

The next meeting of the BNAPS Calgary Regional Group is 9 December (2nd Wednesday) at 1845 for 1900.

The next meeting of CAPE (Calgary Association of Philatelic Exhibitors) will be held on 25 November (4th Wednesday) starting at 1845 for 1900.

The Club Auctions AT THE KERBY Centre have been CANCELLED due to the new Covid restrictions that have just come into place. Future auctions will be held when it is safe for members to do so. The last auction on October 21 was also held at the Kerby with proper social distancing and was attended by about 17 members despite snowy/cold weather.

Unfortunately CALTAPEX 2020 has been CANCELLED but we are looking into doing a Virtual exhibition in late January. Click the Palmares 2019 link below to see a list or the exhibit entry awards in last years show.
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